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FreeCalypso Tango is a compact packaged GSM modem module containing our legendary Calypso chipset inside. In December of 2019 our team discovered the existence of a certain extremely obscure historical Calypso modem module (one that was produced by a historical manufacturer before our time) that suits FreeCalypso project desires extremely well, and in year 2020 we made the decision to turn this historical Calypso module into an official FreeCalypso product by way of rebranding: we are rebranding it into FreeCalypso Tango.

Our FC Tango modules are expected to become available for public sale some time in December of 2020; they will be differentiated from non-FC-sourced ones by an official FreeCalypso sticker bearing our trademark (which cannot be legally applied by any other party), and they will be flashed with FreeCalypso modem firmware.

The principal hardware features of this Tango module are:

In the Mother's opinion these Tango modules are really awesome, and we are excited about being able to share them with the community before the end of this year, as soon as we prove them working on our Caramel2 board. FreeCalypso Caramel2 will be our development board for these modules, and it will be made available at the same time as the modules themselves.