Arch Linux (AUR) package(s) for freecalypso

Mychaela Falconia falcon at
Thu Aug 31 20:15:51 UTC 2023

Hi Vadim,

> FYI, I just created a new 'freecalypso-tools' package for Arch Linux:
> The '-hg' in its name means that it's the most recent version from the 
> repository

Looks good so far!  In the case of FC host tools package that has the
additional complication of target binaries, I generally tell packagers
that they should package up tarball releases rather than Hg tip - but
I do realize that right now we are in a situation where Hg tip contains
a new feature (sms-pdu-decode -n option) that has not made its way
into a tarball release yet.  For the sake of context for others on the
ML, Vadim and I are currently cooperating on a feature on the network
side of GSM (OS#6135), and this sms-pdu-decode utility with -n option
comprises a quite useful test tool for that network-side feature.

To remedy this situation, my plan is as follows:

1) Implement another feature in freecalypso-tools that matters for the
   primary purpose of FC host tools (GSM MS work) and would therefore
   justify a new tarball release.  In keeping with SMS theme, I'll
   implement an item from my otherwise-low-priority TODO list: an option
   to fcup-smsend to accept input containing backslash escapes as
   defined in the SIM-data-formats article in freecalypso-docs.

2) Make a new official tarball release of FC host tools with these
   changes, and hopefully Vadim can then make an AUR package from that
   tarball release.

3) Propagate the fcup-smsend encoding change into sms-encode-text
   utility in sms-coding-utils repository (mostly for network-side SMS
   test tools), and then hopefully Vadim will make an AUR package for
   that one too.

> (is it called 'tip' in mercurial?).

Yes, it is.

> I foresee the question about the '/opt/freecalypso' directory.  The 
> answer is: yes, the resulting package does contain all relevant files in 
> '/opt/freecalypso'.

To make the package more friendly to users who are not and aren't
interested in becoming full-time residents of FreeCalypso queendom,
the recommended approach is to add symlinks for all binaries from some
standard location (in standard $PATH) to /opt/freecalypso/bin.

> The only exception is documentation files, which 
> get installed to the recommended location for Arch - '/usr/share/doc/'.

No objection here - because these files are only for humans, not for
other programs to reference through hard-coded paths, I never gave
much thought to where they should be installed, and none of my Makefiles
currently install them at all.

> I had to apply a patch in order to get it compiling with gcc v13.2.1, 
> please find it attached.  If possible, would be nice if you could merge 
> it upstream.

Thanks for the bug report and the patch!  I committed a slightly
different fix for the same bug:


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