Arch Linux (AUR) package(s) for freecalypso

Vadim Yanitskiy axilirator at
Thu Aug 31 18:52:43 UTC 2023

Hi Mychaela and community,

FYI, I just created a new 'freecalypso-tools' package for Arch Linux:

The '-hg' in its name means that it's the most recent version from the 
repository (is it called 'tip' in mercurial?).  In case you're 
interested, the PKGBUILD file can be found here:

I foresee the question about the '/opt/freecalypso' directory.  The 
answer is: yes, the resulting package does contain all relevant files in 
'/opt/freecalypso'.  The only exception is documentation files, which 
get installed to the recommended location for Arch - '/usr/share/doc/'.

I had to apply a patch in order to get it compiling with gcc v13.2.1, 
please find it attached.  If possible, would be nice if you could merge 
it upstream.  For now I am applying it in the PKGBUILD.

I am planning to submit more packages soon.
Feedback and patches are very welcome!

Best regards,

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