Arch Linux (AUR) package(s) for freecalypso

Vadim Yanitskiy axilirator at
Thu Aug 31 21:43:51 UTC 2023

Hi Mychaela,

On 01.09.2023 03:15, Mychaela Falconia wrote:
> Looks good so far!  In the case of FC host tools package that has the
> additional complication of target binaries, I generally tell packagers
> that they should package up tarball releases rather than Hg tip - but
> I do realize that right now we are in a situation where Hg tip contains
> a new feature (sms-pdu-decode -n option) that has not made its way
> into a tarball release yet.  For the sake of context for others on the
> ML, Vadim and I are currently cooperating on a feature on the network
> side of GSM (OS#6135), and this sms-pdu-decode utility with -n option
> comprises a quite useful test tool for that network-side feature

I can additionally create non '-hg' packages building from tarball 
releases when I have spare time, sure.

> To make the package more friendly to users who are not and aren't
> interested in becoming full-time residents of FreeCalypso queendom,
> the recommended approach is to add symlinks for all binaries from some
> standard location (in standard $PATH) to /opt/freecalypso/bin.

I see another option: installing a file to '/etc/profile.d/', which will 
add '/opt/freecalypso/bin' to $PATH.  Personally I don't have a strong 
preference here.  For now we can leave this up to the user.

>> I had to apply a patch in order to get it compiling with gcc v13.2.1,
>> please find it attached.  If possible, would be nice if you could merge
>> it upstream.
> Thanks for the bug report and the patch!  I committed a slightly
> different fix for the same bug:

Nice, thanks for rapid response!  I updated the PKGBUILD and dropped my 
patch, which is not needed anymore.  Also, I fixed a nasty problem in 
the package() function (my bad, I should have looked into the Makefiles 
more carefully):

Meanwhile, I submitted several new packages:


This is all I had installed on my system before I decided to put some 
effort into packaging.  Maybe it would be useful for somebody else.  In 
case anybody needs packages for other fc-repositories, just ping me!

Best regards,

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