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Fri Nov 13 20:53:19 UTC 2020


I made a comment which included my personal opinion; I had no intention with that to try persuade anyone (particularly on a cell phone orientated list!) that they should stop using phones.

I've not had a massive problem with MMS, quite possibly because since I returned to Europe I give my number to so few people. I was living illegally in SA for a year plus before that and had no phone at all during that time, but that's another story.

In case I've not made another personal opinion clear, I'll say again that I 100% agreed with Rafael; if I have a phone at all I'd much much prefer it had liberated firmware - that tells you *how* flaky the unused openmoko is (the linux, not freecalypso side of it). 

But I didn't want to let him run away with the "first ever libre phone title" though :-) Before swimming the croc infested Limpopo river (ROTFL) to get back into SA, I used (or should I say nursed) the openmoko as my main and only phone for 3 months. Again the problem was the linux kernel/the actual hardware (depends who you believe) NOT freecalypso, which works no worse on openmoko than moko11 (or whatever the last non-free baseband code was) until linux crashes the device. I may get it out of the cupboard and let it have another few months.

I'll finally say that despite my aversion to cell phones period, if I had the necessary skills I would contribute to your project. I'm pretty certain I don't though; my latest programming effort is to write a nifty log file parser in lua; never touched lua before and it only took a few hours. I'm pretty sure that's not in the same league as what's needed by freecalypso though.

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