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Mon Nov 16 13:01:58 UTC 2020

My last comment on the thread - I don't really like this cellphone
madness in which the world tuned to, but working with (GSM) community
mobile telephony networks with indigenous and marginalized people, the
fact that we have state of art silicon like the Calypso and many others
developed and readily available is powerful in any thinkable ways.
Running free firmware on them is paramount.

Cheers and hasta la victoria - Siempre!

On 11/13/20 5:53 PM, David Matthews wrote:
> Mychaela
> I made a comment which included my personal opinion; I had no intention with that to try persuade anyone (particularly on a cell phone orientated list!) that they should stop using phones.
> I've not had a massive problem with MMS, quite possibly because since I returned to Europe I give my number to so few people. I was living illegally in SA for a year plus before that and had no phone at all during that time, but that's another story.
> In case I've not made another personal opinion clear, I'll say again that I 100% agreed with Rafael; if I have a phone at all I'd much much prefer it had liberated firmware - that tells you *how* flaky the unused openmoko is (the linux, not freecalypso side of it). 
> But I didn't want to let him run away with the "first ever libre phone title" though :-) Before swimming the croc infested Limpopo river (ROTFL) to get back into SA, I used (or should I say nursed) the openmoko as my main and only phone for 3 months. Again the problem was the linux kernel/the actual hardware (depends who you believe) NOT freecalypso, which works no worse on openmoko than moko11 (or whatever the last non-free baseband code was) until linux crashes the device. I may get it out of the cupboard and let it have another few months.
> I'll finally say that despite my aversion to cell phones period, if I had the necessary skills I would contribute to your project. I'm pretty certain I don't though; my latest programming effort is to write a nifty log file parser in lua; never touched lua before and it only took a few hours. I'm pretty sure that's not in the same league as what's needed by freecalypso though.
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