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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Fri Nov 13 19:42:36 UTC 2020

Hi David,

> So for the little phone use I do, I now have a as yet unliberated C139.

So what happens when you give someone your mobile number and they turn
around and betray that trust by sending you MMS?  How does Motorola's
official C139 fw behave when faced with a hostile act of someone
sending MMS to your number?  Or perhaps you haven't experienced this
situation - if so, lucky you.

> As our governments around the world reveal their true hand,
> I less and less want to use a cellular phone at all

Easy for you to say - you haven't invested 7 years of your life into
this technology.  Had you been in my shoes, you would probably be
singing a different tune.

As far as government tyranny goes, let me make it very clear to you
that Pirelli's proprietary fw and specifically its lack of defense
against MMS is actively hurting my ability to participate in protest
actions against govt tyranny.  Here in San Diego area of Southern
California there are some very active groups fighting back against the
tyranny of the imaginary virus: we have general social meetings where
we get together in person without masks in direct defiance of social
distancing orders, we organize highly visible public protests in the
streets and in front of govt buildings etc, we do the whole gamut.  I
would absolutely love to be able to give my mobile phone number to
people in this community, to be able to stay in touch and coordinate
more closely, but right now I am afraid to give my phone number to
anyone outside of my immediate family - as well-intentioned as these
people are, they all use mainstream sheeple smartphones, and those
evil devices make it super-easy to send out MMS without even realizing
it.  Thus as a direct result of Pirelli's proprietary fw lacking
protection against MMS, I am effectively unable to use my mobile phone
to communicate with fellow protesters and freedom fighters, and it is
hampering my ability to be an effective participant.  *THIS* is the
real problem we need to focus on, *NOT* your aversion to using cellular
phones altogether.


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