Host system for FC development

Das Signal das.signal at
Sun Oct 28 14:05:11 UTC 2018


Following Mychaela's advice, I've updated the toolchains with the
/opt/freecalypso/gcc path. Please check it out here:

They should work on any recent GNU/Linux distribution. I've tested
them myself on Debian 10. For the record, the toolchains were built
on Debian 6 systems with and the following packages:
gcc make libc6-dev bzip2 patch m4 zlib1g-dev texinfo plus
gmp-4.3.2, mpfr-3.0.1 and mpc-1.0.1 compiled statically, so the only
requirements are libc >= 2.11 and zlib (any version).

Mychaela, it's possible there is a bug in the script. I believe
--with-headers=`pwd`/newlib should be instead --with-headers=../newlib
(or gcc fails to find stdio.h)


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