Host system for FC development

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Mon Oct 29 00:12:31 UTC 2018

Hi DS!

> Following Mychaela's advice, I've updated the toolchains with the
> /opt/freecalypso/gcc path. Please check it out here:

Awesome, thanks!

> Mychaela, it's possible there is a bug in the script. I believe
> --with-headers=`pwd`/newlib should be instead --with-headers=../newlib
> (or gcc fails to find stdio.h)

Hmm, I have a really difficult time seeing how the `pwd` construct
could possibly not work: as I understand it, the `pwd` construct
(command substitution) will be expanded by the shell (the script begins
with #!/bin/sh) before the command is passed to gcc's configure, and
thus configure should get --with-headers=/absolute/path - how can the
absolute path not work?


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