Canadian GTA01/GTA02

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Sun Aug 20 07:28:57 UTC 2017


>e) a snail mail address at which you would be able to receive a
>   programming cable (USB to GTA0x headset jack) shipped to you at our
>   expense in return for your volunteering to be a beta tester.

that is no longer essential although nice to have:-

"it's Qtmoko specific, but if that is your everyday distro, there's no need for an unlock cable, special sdcard distro or the installation of a build environment on your phone"

BTW sorry I don't feel up to rather more intensive testing than I did, but one of several challenges I have at the moment is a detached retina. I'm available to help with email advice for installation/flashing if anyone needs it. 

If encouragement is needed, I'll say again, that in my experience, freecalypso tools just work as advertised.

David Matthews
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