Flashing the neofreerunner's calypso modem

This is third in a series of write ups, the first, being here. It's another offering to facilitate flashing the modem, with the leo2moko (aka moko12) or official moko11 firmware. This time it's Qtmoko specific, but if that is your everyday distro, there's no need for an unlock cable, special sdcard distro or the installation of a build environment on your phone. This is applicable to both a NAND and sdcard installed system.


Download the debian packaged loadtools and install in the normal way on your phone. The loadtools program was compiled and tested on version v58 of Qtmoko and I've tested that package built on that install also runs on v54. You'll also need whatever firmware you want to flash to the modem somewhere on your phones file system. The only thing you need to do prior to running loadtools is to run the command

root@moke:~# /etc/init.d/qtmoko-neo stop
You cannot do this procedure in the phones Terminal program, since this command freezes your freerunner's screen. It also ensures that Qtmoko is in a suitable state for the loadtools commands, but you do need an ssh connection.

From here on things are pretty much identical to the description in the previous writeup, from Running loadtools on the freerunner onwards. Just run the loadtools commands from the directory where you put the firmware. Again I would stress that you should create the backup as described and suggest you do everything inside a screen session (you may need to run chmod 777 /var/run/screen to make it behave).

When you're done, to return your phone to normal operation, simply run

root@moke:~# /etc/init.d/qtmoko-neo start