Canadian GTA01/GTA02

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Sat Aug 19 22:51:26 UTC 2017

Michael Montour <mail at> wrote:

> Hello from a Canadian lurker.

Canadian?  Too bad you weren't at REcon in Montreal in June, or you
would have seen a lady in a drop-dead-gorgeous aqua dress giving a
presentation about FreeCalypso. :)

> GTA01BV4: starts with 3546510113. Date code 20070712

Thank you for the confirmation that TAC 35465101 was indeed originally
for the GTA01 (not new with GTA02), and for confirming my suspicion
that 16xxxx SNRs were for GTA02s, with GTA01s using lower numbers.

> US GTA02: starts with 3546510116. Date code 20080619

... and for confirming once more that "US" versions used not only the
same TAC as the more "standard" tri900 ones, but even the same 16xxxx
SNR range.

> p.s. if anyone wants a GTA02, make me an offer. I don't have any use for it.

Would you be willing to act as a beta tester for our GTA01/02 firmware
updates?  In the case of moko13-beta1 I have already received one
positive test report (from David) and the likelihood of breakage in
this version is very low, so I will probably go ahead and declare it
to be the official moko13 (drop the -beta1 designation) without
waiting for further test reports, but we will definitely need more
beta testers in the future when we make the big switch from the legacy
blob version of G23M to the new hybrid config.

In order to be a beta tester, you or any other potential volunteer
would need:

a) an Openmoko GTA01 or GTA02 device;

b) knowledge of how to operate whatever application software you are
   running on that device;

c) an active SIM card (that works with a GSM network in your part of
   the world) which you would be willing to stick in it;

d) a PC/Linux host computer (desktop/laptop/etc) with a USB host port
   on which you would be willing to install our FC host tools
   (simple compilation from source with no dependencies);

e) a snail mail address at which you would be able to receive a
   programming cable (USB to GTA0x headset jack) shipped to you at our
   expense in return for your volunteering to be a beta tester.

Any takers?


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