FCDEV3B bring-up status

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 01:46:24 UTC 2017

Serg wrote:

> Right now I'm doing a deep dive into the codebase to document some parts of
> it, it already replaced all my leisure time activities and I'm still
> looking for someone to do it for money... Yes, I cannot offer a lot, but it
> could be reasonable money for non-US based person. If anybody is
> interested, ping me here in the list.

You may have a better chance of finding someone who can do the software
work you need if you describe what it is you would want them to do. :)
If you post a description here of what software work you need done for
your special application, maybe one of our many lurkers could be
convinced to come out of the shy-land and try their hand at being a
FreeCalypso developer, especially if they might be able to earn some
money doing that.

> It would be great to find the root cause of the flash boot and sleep mode
> issues, but it is not a show stopper for my part of the project,

It is not a show-stopper for me either, but we need to address this
issue before I send out boards to everyone else who is waiting for
theirs, as the fix will likely require at least some physical rework
on the boards.

The development of the calibration software is another factor delaying
the shipment of boards to community members, as it would make a lot
more sense to have me calibrate the boards in my lab before shipping
them out than to expect every user to get their own CMU200.

When we get the calibration software done and I gain the ability to
ship out calibrated boards (i.e., with individual per-board calibration
values written in the flash file system), I will also make a backup of
each board's calibration on my end before shipping, thus if you corrupt
your FFS, all you'll need to do will be to ask for a copy of your
calibration backup by email - no need to ship the board back for
recalibration or to acquire your own calibration station setup.  And
yes, the boards have serial numbers and I do keep track of which S/N I
sent to whom.

> I'm already very happy with the results FC got up to this point.

And I am definitely very happy to hear that. :)

> I'll tackle MCSI test activity and I think that I will start at some point
> in about two weeks from now, cannot promise any earlier.

It will definitely take me more than 2 weeks to finish the calibration
software and to investigate the flash boot and power supply issues, so
if you can get to MCSI before I do, we will have achieved some
parallelism. :)


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