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I, Mother Mychaela, have a strong desire to produce my own FreeCalypso GSM phone handset aka dumbphone, to replace the proprietary Pirelli DP-L10 phone which I am using currently. The Pirelli DP-L10 is also Calypso-based, its firmware is based on TI's TCS211, and Pirelli's firmware even has the rare quality of being less heavily modified than that of other historical Calypso-based phones — this quality makes this Pirelli phone more tolerable than others — but it is still proprietary, allowing no ability to fix bugs or to make improvements, and I deeply yearn for a FreeCalypso replacement.

Based on my deep love for TI's particular platform as opposed to any others, I also insist on building my desired dream phone with very particular hardware specs: the LCD size must be 176x220 pixels (color TFT) and not any other, matching TI's D-Sample platform and TI's starting-point prototype phone UI code, and various other peripherals also need to be implemented according to my particular likings.

So far no work has been started on the hardware part of this dream FreeCalypso handset because I (Mother Mychaela) prefer to work on the firmware part first — hardware without software is nothing but a very expensive paperweight, whereas firmware work can often be done on available development platforms without needing to spend a lot of money. The necessary handset firmware work has been started in year 2020 using our internal development platform called FreeCalypso Luna; this platform principally consists of a 176x220 pixel color TFT LCD and a full 5x5 keypad (superset of D-Sample) connected to a Calypso core, allowing TI's starting-point handset UI code to run in its native configuration.

Unlike other projects under the FreeCalypso umbrella that are more business-oriented or community-oriented, the present handset project is more personal — it is something that I wish to produce for my own personal use and enjoyment first and foremost, not seeking to please anyone else. Because of this highly personal nature, I am not able to give any promises whatsoever as to when and if this handset project may ever deliver anything — instead I am just publicly sharing the fact that this handset idea is one of my desires under the FreeCalypso umbrella and that I am working on it at least to some extent.