fc-host-tools-r20 release

Mychaela Falconia falcon at freecalypso.org
Sat Sep 2 06:16:15 UTC 2023

Hello FreeCalypso community,

The new official release of FC host tools is out:


Aside from minor bugfixes, the only changes from the previous release
are SMS handling features:

* For sending/writing SMS via GSM 07.05 interface on FreeCalypso GSM MS,
  fcup-smsend and fcup-smsendmult now support backslash escapes with
  -e option.

* For decoding raw-hex SMS PDUs, sms-pdu-decode accepts -n option that
  makes it usable for network-side SMS test setups, in addition to its
  original purpose of decoding SMS PDUs on the mobile side.


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