HTTPS access to FreeCalypso FTP collection

Mychaela Falconia falcon at
Fri Sep 1 00:48:13 UTC 2023

Hello FC community,

I just added alternative HTTPS access to our FTP collection:

Seeing that FTP URLs no longer work for people these days, this little
step has been long overdue.

The FTP collection at, the same one that is now
accessible via HTTPS via the above URL, goes pretty far back in time -
it significantly predates FreeCalypso project, going back to my work
in the world of DEC VAX minicomputers and 4.3BSD UNIX decades ago.  I
am a retrocomputist first and foremost, always have been and always
will be - GSM is just another area of retrotechnology for me - hence
the collection will always remain accessible via FTP, for those who
wish to download it using an Internet-connected 1980s minicomputer
running a classic ARPA Internet software stack.  But now the same
collection is also accessible via HTTPS, to allow linking from places
that won't like FTP URLs.


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