FCDEV3B update

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 20:53:24 UTC 2017

Hello FreeCalypso community,

Earlier this morning I spoke with the people at the shop where our
FCDEV3B boards are being assembled, and I got an update that they are
actively working on our boards.  The actual assembly may get finished
later today, but they are being thorough with both optical/visual and
X-ray inspection for quality assurance, which is obviously a very good
thing, thus they said the boards should be ready for me to pick up by

So another few days...  Meanwhile here is a photo that shows a partial
view of the unpopulated PCB panel from the PCB fab:


The assembly shop people sent me this photo when they needed to
clarify the correct orientation of the SMA connector J308 (the
orientation in this photo is correct), but one can also see almost all
of the unpopulated PCB (prior to component placement) in it.  I had
our PCBs fabricated in 4-up panels (4 individual boards per panel),
and the partial view of the panel in the photo allows most of the
board artwork to be seen.  The piece along the top is called the
processing edge, it gets broken off when the individual boards are
broken out of the panel after the reflow oven pass.

The anxious expectant mother...

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