VCXO calibration

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Wed Apr 12 08:07:17 UTC 2017

I *may* have figured out the elusive VCXO calibration algorithm, but I
won't be able to test it until I am back home (i.e., in my home lab
with the CMU200, the FCDEV3B boards and my stash of Freerunners) next
weekend - I am at my day job for the work week once again.

Meanwhile, if anyone else feels like trying it before then (you'll
need a CMU200 or a functional equivalent and either an FCDEV3B or one
of the pre-existing FreeCalypso-supported devices and the adapter for
connecting to the MS-147 RF production test port), I just wrote the
code that does the math for the manual VCXO calibration procedure.  Of
course the code is untested and will remain so until the weekend, at
least on my end - for now it just compiles.  You can find this code
under rfcal/vcxo-manual in the freecalypso-tools Hg repository.  The
source is the only documentation at the present moment.

Also the following should be obvious, but I'll state it anyway: if you
are going to be working on an FCDEV3B board you are getting from me,
uou need to consider yourself a FreeCalypso developer, not a user: the
DEV in FCDEV3B stands for development.  And as a developer, you will
need to use the current development version of FC host tools from the
freecalypso-tools Hg repository on Bitbucket, and update your copy
regularly.  The last end-user-oriented release was a while ago and
lacks most of the recently developed or extended tools which you'll
need for developer operations such as calibration, and I don't plan
on making another end-user-oriented release until we advance from a
development board to a commercial product, which will probably be
quite a while.


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