FCDEV3B bring-up status

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 15:36:12 UTC 2017

Serg wrote:

> I'm anxious to bring it into our RF lab.
> I expect to have some time available to look into L1 in upcoming weeks.

I should be able to send you a board with Monday's mail, after I get
all 8 boards to my home lab this coming weekend and make sure that all
8 work to the same extent.  I'll be able to include a generic
off-the-shelf FT2232D breakout board as well (the same kind that I
use), but you will need to make your own jumper wires with crimp-on
female sockets on both ends to go from the male header pins on the
FCDEV3B to similar male header pins on the FT2232D board.

For power, do you have a bench power supply that can put out 3.6 VDC?
If so, I can send you a cable that has the right Weidmuller connector
for the FCDEV3B on one end and a pair on banana plugs on the other end.

The same goes for everyone else on the list: if you are both able and
willing to help hands-on with the debugging of the issues we are having
and with bringing up the RF tract on the FCDEV3B, you can also get one
of the boards.

If anyone here would like to receive a board, please indicate what
specifically you are going to do if and when you receive one: given
the limited supply of boards, I would like the first ones to go to
people who would actually help with the debugging and bring-up in some
real tangible way, rather than just stare at the board and put it away
to gather dust.

> I was also curious if we load OsmocomBB into it and see what will it say...

I'm adding it to my list of steps to try this Saturday when I come
home with the boards.


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