C139 UI demo build

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 16:37:35 UTC 2016

Hi David,

> Rather a non-technical suggestion, which I dearly hope will be taken to
> be constructive as it is intended. It's inspired by my delight in seeing
> that Harald Welte contributed to the crowdfunding and presumably would
> like a freecalypso dev board.

Yes, I was very delighted too, of course, and yes, he is interested in
getting one of our boards.  Back in 2012 he posted on the OsmocomBB
list that he was considering the possibility of making his own custom
Calypso board for OsmocomBB purposes, but that venture never happened
for all the usual reasons - hence his positive response to our similar
board project 4 y later.

The technical advantages of our FCDEV3B over Mot C1xx phones mostly
matter only for the more demanding FreeCalypso sw and are don't-cares
for OsmocomBB, but naturally there is no reason why OsmocomBB won't
work on our board - it should work just fine.

> The suggestion is that past disagreements aside, HW / OsmocomBB are not
> our enemy - a competing project yes, but I see no harm in a bit of
> competition (it's rather tangential anyway, as I understand) and I don't
> see why it should not be friendly.

I assume your reference to the "enemy" is referring to my annoyed knee-
jerk reaction a few days ago to someone trying to use our ML as a hand-
holding support forum for pure OsmocomBB issues which have nothing
whatsoever to do with Calypso or Motorola etc hardware or with our
FreeCalypso work.

Given HW's step in our direction, I certainly won't casually refer to
OsmocomBB as "the enemy" any more, but people should still use common
sense in selecting which ML they post their questions to.  We don't
expect the users of our software to be posting questions highly specific
to our sw to the OsmocomBB ML, and I similarly ask that OsmocomBB users
who have absolutely no interest in FreeCalypso sw keep their OsmocomBB
questions and issues off our ML.

> I've actually little interest and no use for what the osmocomBB people
> are doing, but I do know (again past disagreements aside) that HW has
> made very significant contributions to free software (even if he does
> worship licenses :-)

Yes, his work on things other than OsmocomBB (particularly the cellular
network / infrastructure side of Osmocom) has been very significant and
valuable indeed.


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