C139 UI demo build

david at matthews.pm david at matthews.pm
Thu Oct 20 13:10:25 UTC 2016

Actually not about that, but a report will follow soon

Rather a non-technical suggestion, which I dearly hope will be taken to be constructive as it is intended. It's inspired by my delight in seeing that Harald Welte contributed to the crowdfunding and presumably would like a freecalypso dev board.

The suggestion is that past disagreements aside, HW / OsmocomBB are not our enemy - a competing project yes, but I see no harm in a bit of competition (it's rather tangential anyway, as I understand) and I don't see why it should not be friendly.

I've actually little interest and no use for what the osmocomBB people are doing, but I do know (again past disagreements aside) that HW has made very significant contributions to free software (even if he does worship licenses :-)

best wishes

David Matthews
david at matthews.pm

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