Creating member areas on

Mychaela Falconia falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sat May 7 00:48:16 CET 2016

Hello FC community,

What do you all think about us creating directories on
where individual members of our community can upload stuff?  I am
thinking of something like where each member of
their team had their own directory where they could put up their stuff
without stepping on anyone else.

Right now only Das Signal and I have user accounts on
(and we also happen to be admins with root access :), but if anyone
else here is an active contributor who has stuff to share with the
community, you are more than welcome to get a user account as well:
just send your SSH public key and your preferred username to DS and I.

My proposal is to create member directories of the /members/<username>
form, e.g., my personal upload area will appear to the world as
Each member directory will be owned (in the Unix file & directory
ownership sense) by that member's account, so s/he will be able to
upload his/her stuff there without needing to be root.

Right now there are a bunch on things on the "main" FreeCalypso website
which I feel would belong better in individual member areas: the
pictures of TI's historical dev boards under /boards, various
FCDEV3B-related notes and screenshots and whatnot under /devboard and
the totally unofficial fw images I built on request for various people
under /experimental-builds should really be under my personal member
area, whereas all of David's Openmoko stuff under /howtos should be
under his personal member area.

My proposal is:

* I am going to create /members/falcon and /members/dmatthews (David,
  please let me know if you would like a different username) directories,
  move my stuff into /members/falcon and move David's howtos and
  associated tar.gz and deb files into his member directory.

* I'll create symlinks (which the web server turns into HTTP redirects)
  so that all current URLs will continue to work.

* David: once I receive your SSH public key, I'll create your user
  account and make you the owner of your member directory, so you'll
  be able to update and add stuff whenever you need to.

* Das Signal has root, so he can create his own member directory
  whenever he likes. :)

* Anyone else who would like to publish stuff for the community on our
  server, please send us your SSH public key and your preferred
  username, and we'll create your account and member directory.

How does this plan sound to the community?  Any objections?


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