FreeCalypso needs more donations

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Mon Dec 5 07:12:00 UTC 2016

Hello FC community,

Just a reminder of where we stand: using the donations that have been
collected so far, I have secured all of the necessary parts except the
two chip attenuators in the radio Tx path (they are available from
Jotrin, but quoting and ordering requires going through a human, hence
the delay - I'm working on getting this order in), and there is enough
money to order the flash+pSRAM BGA reballing as well - I'll work on
this one once I get past the last remaining Jotrin order.

However, we are still about $2000 short of the goal for the PCB
fabrication.  In other words, we need to raise another $2000 before we
can order the PCBs - the most critical and most expensive step for the
FCDEV3B project.  So please keep the donations coming!  What has been
raised so far is great, but it is not enough.

I need to remind everyone that there WILL NOT be any more progress in
ANY direction in the entire FreeCalypso family of projects until the
long-overdue FCDEV3B is built, and that step cannot happen until the
remaining half of the original goal is raised.  Therefore, it is now
entirely up to YOU, the community, to decide whether FreeCalypso is to
move forward or not.  If more people donate and we raise the still-
needed $2000, the FC family of projects will move forward, otherwise
all FreeCalypso development will effectively end.

It is now up to you all to make a difference.  Here is the GoFundMe
campaign once again:

With hope,
Mychaela aka The Mother

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