FreeCalypso hardware update

Spacefalcon the Outlaw falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Sep 4 20:41:30 CEST 2015

Das Signal <das.signal at> wrote:

> Thanks for the updates! On my side I've done a couple more tests using
> OpenBTS and various cell phones; contrary to my earlier hypothesis, it
> appears no matter what codec list is sent in the Call Control Setup
> message, OpenBTS always replies in the channel assignment message with
> the GSM FR codec, which is the oldest and first specified by the GSM
> standard. I believe this may be due to asterisk only supporting GSM FR.

And you are seeing the same behavior with OpenBTS using current FC GSM
fw as I see with Operator 310260, as in SMS works but not voice calls?

> So now I'm unsure the problem we're seeing with FreeCalypso when dialing
> comes from the codec patch (unless the codec patch is required for
> GSM FR as well) or another issue. More investigation will be required!

Well, all I know is that when I tried knocking out both dynamic and
static DSP patches in TCS211 (leo2moko-debug), it started behaving the
same way as our FC GSM fw: voice call setup started failing the same
way, while network registration and SMS still worked.  You should be
able to replicate that experiment: the binary patches for disabling
DSP patching (excuse the pun) in TCS211 are in the tcs211-patches
repository on bitbucket.

So I figured that at least the static patch is necessary, but when I
added it to our FC GSM fw, it's getting the wrong checksum back from
the DSP and other things start breaking, so I have every reason to
assume that the static patch is being downloaded to the DSP
incorrectly.  It is a bug in need of fixing, but before I can fix it,
I need a hardware target that is both capable of running TCS211 (rules
out Motorola and Pirelli) and has Calypso JTAG accessible (GTA02 does
not).  Thus we need to get our own FCDEV3B board built, and for that
we need a PADS person to finish the PCB layout.  Please keep looking
for such a person.


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