Happy birthday, binary blobs!

Das Signal das.signal at freecalypso.org
Mon Jun 8 19:41:58 CEST 2015

That's a funny coincidence! Happy birthday indeed :)

On Mon, Jun 08, 2015 at 05:37:16PM +0000, Spacefalcon the Outlaw wrote:
> As I looked at the date & time display, a weird thought just occurred
> to me: in about 30 min, at about 18:00 GMT/UTC, the TCS211 binary
> object libraries from 20070608 which form the basis for both mokoN and
> leo2moko will be exactly 8 years old.  Happy birthday!
> (TI's *.lib format is a variant of classic UNIX ar, and there is a
>  timestamp in the ar metadata - one can see these timestamps with
>  ar tv <whatever>.lib; there is also a timestamp in the COFF objects
>  themselves, which can be seen with my tiobjd utility.)
> SF
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