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   to operate on SIM cards inside Calypso phones and development boards.  See
   the new doc/SIM-manipulation article for the details.
+* pcm-sms-decode and sms-pdu-decode now emit backslash escapes instead of '?'
+  error markers when the message body contains non-displayable characters,
+  allowing the user to see the full message content, good or bad.
+* fcup-smdump: if the output contains Phonebook-Name lines (if the AT command
+  modem reported a phonebook name along with the message in the +CMGL response),
+  these phonebook names are now emitted as quoted strings with the same possible
+  backslash escapes as defined in the SIM-data-formats specification in the
+  freecalypso-docs repository.
 Changes from fc-host-tools-r13 to fc-host-tools-r14:
 * fc-loadtool got new commands for reading the OTP protection register of