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fc-fsio help: document write-bsim-config
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 upload-subtree		Upload a subtree into device FFS
 write-battery-table-v1	Upload table of battery thresholds into device FFS (v1)
 write-battery-table-v2	Upload table of battery thresholds into device FFS (v2)
+write-bsim-config	Create Battery Simulation configuration file
 write-charging-config	Upload FCHG configuration into device FFS
 To get help on any command, type help and the command keyword.
@@ -344,6 +345,15 @@
 binary format made by write-battery-table-v1 discards the battery bars icon
 thresholds that were added in v2.
+=== write-bsim-config
+write-bsim-config init-percent start-enable
+This command writes a /etc/batterysim file into target device FFS, enabling and
+configuring the battery simulation (BSIM) mode in FC Tourmaline firmware.
+init-percent and start-enable are BSIM configuration parameters.
+To disable BSIM, do 'rm /etc/batterysim'.
 === write-charging-config
 write-charging-config src-file