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   (L1_NEW_AEC disabled) and the new one used in FC Tourmaline, with L1_NEW_AEC
   enabled.  See doc/Audio-mode-config article for further details.
+* fc-tmsync got new commands aur and aur-all, described in the
+  doc/Audio-mode-config article.
 * fc-tmsh got new commands rvf-dump, pwr-key and phone-on, sending commands
   that are encoded via the ETM debug opcode.  On the target firmware side,
   rvf-dump is an original TCS211 command, whereas pwr-key and phone-on are
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   words of the old type being all zeros.  Thanks to the modified audio mode
   loading code in our firmwares, these 164 byte mode files can still be used
   with current Tourmaline fw, with AEC set to its default disabled state.
+fc-tmsync aur and aur-all addition
+New addition as of fc-host-tools-r16: our aur command which natively resides in
+fc-tmsh (audio mode full access read operation via ETM) has also been
+implemented in fc-tmsync for scripted usage.  Furthermore, we also implemented
+an aur-all command that issues the same sequence of aur operations as the
+firmware's built-in audio_mode_save() and emits the output on stdout in the same
+format as tiaud-decomp.  The end effect is that fc-tmsync aur-all is a much
+shorter and more direct way of obtaining exactly the same result as would
+previously be obtained by saving the current audio mode config with aus, reading
+out the resulting binary file with fc-fsio and decoding it with tiaud-decomp.
+The implementation of aur-all and the more elementary aur 12 command in
+fc-tmsync works only with firmware versions that have L1_NEW_AEC enabled -
+therefore, these commands work with FC Tourmaline but not Magnetite.
+Furthermore, our aur command in both fc-tmsh and fc-tmsync and the new fc-tmsync
+aur-all command also work against Pirelli's firmware - this alien fw implements
+ETM aur operation exactly the same as standard TCS211, and it has L1_NEW_AEC
+enabled, such that aur 12 returns the 24 byte long L1_NEW_AEC version of
+T_AUDIO_AEC_CFG structure.  The combination of this functionality in Pirelli's
+fw and our fc-tmsync addition makes it possible to read out Pirelli's highly
+tuned audio configurations in a very convenient manner, much more convenient
+than reading ABB registers with abbr and reading DSP API words with r16.