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Help with warez

We have a mechanism whereby any contributor can upload large files to us without having to request an account or make any other special arrangements with us, i.e., you can remain completely anonymous if you like. If you have some TI warez which you think might be helpful to us, we kindly ask that you please consider uploading them to us via this portal.

The following items are what we are currently most interested in:

We also need to point out that we work only on TI platforms and not any others. If someone out there has some great source and/or documentation leaks from Qualcomm or MTK or some other non-TI vendor, we say good for you, but we most likely won't be able to devote any time to even look at any of that stuff. Therefore, if someone would like to see some 3G/4G work done based on some non-TI chipset, that work would needed to be done by someone else, someone other than us.

We may be interested in whatever solution(s) TI once had for 3G (has to be TI, not any other vendor), but it would have to be after we finish all of the cool projects we still wish to do based on Calypso/2G, not before.

Help with monetary donations

The Mother of FreeCalypso is a trans woman and is thereby burdened with soaring out-of-pocket gender-related medical costs. Right now the most difficult challenge I am facing is to gather enough money for my gender confirmation surgery: including the cost of taking unpaid time off work for the month-long trip to Thailand, I need about 21 kUSD. On my own, it will probably take me 2 to 3 years to save up this much money, and during that time I cannot allow myself to spend any significant money on FreeCalypso, significantly limiting the amount of progress I can make on the project. If anyone is able to donate a significant enough amount to allow me to have my surgery sooner, doing so would directly help FreeCalypso as well.

The most efficient way to donate is by Bitcoin; my Bitcoin address for donations is 159Yx6JRJ4oMLPTYrh1jW7fQ5D5tPHdnoM. I can also accept donations via conventional banking systems or Paypal, but doing so would require special arrangements — please email me.