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Help with warez

We have a mechanism whereby any contributor can upload large files to us without having to request an account or make any other special arrangements with us, i.e., you can remain completely anonymous if you like. If you have some warez which you think might be helpful to us, we kindly ask that you please consider uploading them to us via this portal.

The following items are what we are currently most interested in:

The following items are things which we are not actively seeking currently but which we would nonetheless greatly appreciate:

Help with monetary donations

Help with your labour

The specialized skills we are most in need of are hardware design and PCB layout. Our first modem board design is now done and we have successfully built working boards from it, but we are going to need a lot of new PCB layout work for the handset project, and even in the schematic design phase I could really use the help of someone who is more of an EE than I am.

If you are an EE or a PCB layout engineer and you would like to volunteer your labour to help our project, please email Mother Mychaela.