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Wed Sep 29 14:50:22 UTC 2021

>Even if you live in one of the nastier countries where the
local Covidian regime is pretty bad, surely you can fly OUT of your
country for a little vacation trip to Mexico, can't you?

hi Mychaela


sorry to admit that your last message is more interesting to me than your descriptions of technical endeavours, which are largely over my head, but I am still around. I should also confess that I ahem, once entered South Africa from Zimbabwe, despite being barred from the second of those fair lands. One does that without showing a passport, which of course is bad and wrong :-) You make Mexico sound very interesting.

UK is by no means the worst covidian dystopia, but it's bad enough and I will not be surprised if it takes a big dive south within a few weeks. Lot's of jabbed people ill and dying which they will obviously try and blame on the un-jabbed; I'm not sure how that will work out. A lot of very brain washed / bewitched people here.

I'd resigned myself to never travelling again; I think if I went to Mexico, I'd have to spend 14 days or so in an isolation facility at my own expense on return. 5 star hotel rates for the privilege of being imprisoned in other words - nice  neh?

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