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>there were two different Allan Ramsays,

yes I saw that and reasonable guys both :-) (not politicos!)

>Huh?  Is there someone calling for that statue to be taken down?

ROTFL - no no that sardonic comment was not aimed at anyone in particular, just an observation about "authorized" protest.

>All I know is that it is one of several geographical locations where

I just meant that I've no particular advantage in identifying the landmarks although I'm in the UK. I stayed a night in Edinburgh once, maybe 40 years ago and I've been through it on the train a couple of times. That's all, but if you  still want to know about those other clips, I'm happy to take on that small bit of work :-)

>Yes, this part sucks for sure. 

I'm delighted to hear such anomalies as your US/Mexico jaunts. I don't live in hope, but I haven't given up either. I'm based in York, a small, comfortable middle class town with a populace that has eyes tight shut. Yet there are three separate groups of people that I know about exploring ways we can kick back.

I'd like to see the Dr William Gates UQ (unqualified) divorce stuff break out into the wild - so the lovely Mel didn't like Billy messing around with a child molester eh? That would make even us stupid English take notice :-0

>I did some web searches to educate myself on this topic, and from what
>I've read, it appears that any movement in that direction will be years
>away at the soonest.

That may not be so; the nationalist party leadership certainly has a nice cosy relationship with the psychopaths in London, but there is a massive groundswell in favour of leaving the UK according to some commentators - try Craig Murray.

I can't make that guy out TBH. He's right on the ball with some things, but is a fully paid up covidian. Yet I've good reason to think he is not controlled opposition, apart from the fact he's probably going to jail for an unbelievably absurd "contempt of court" rap. Even supposed jail time could possibly be faked,  but I see him deferring to another commentator on the Salisbury novihoax and this person is loud and clear about the covid BS.

Doh! Anyway, good luck.

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