New FreeCalypso Tourmaline firmware

David Matthews mail at
Mon Oct 19 14:19:13 UTC 2020

>1) interest in this project,
>2) good C programming skills,
>3) willingness to look past unpleasant aspects like Wine toolchain etc.

1 yes 3 yeah ok, but unfortunately 2 no

>Caramel2 boards are expected to become available in December - is there
>anyone here who (1) would be willing to buy one of these kits and (2)
>has the necessary skillset to where they would have a realistic chance
>of actually using it to contribute to our UI fw development?

I didn't expect that my earlier suggestion would lead to a eureka moment, so fair enough :-) 

If a better response to the last question than I'm able to give does come, that would be good.

David Matthews
mail at

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