New FreeCalypso Tourmaline firmware

David Matthews mail at
Mon Oct 19 07:20:54 UTC 2020

>The current state of Tourmaline UI firmware is still nowhere close to
practically usable, but the changes I made from Magnetite to Tourmaline
are necessary in order to facilitate further work toward a practically
usable phone. Considering my other life commitments, I don't know if
I will live to see my FreeCalypso phone dream brought to reality -
therefore, I very strongly encourage other interested people to buy
Caramel2+Luna development kits when they become available and to try
their hand at UI fw development, to make this FreeCalypso phone dream
less dependent on just me. I have already built the foundation, now
please build on top of this foundation rather than letting it die with
me when I kick the bucket. 

This has probably been already considered and dismissed for some reason, but in case not and in case it does have legs.....

Is a sort of halfway house a possibility -  a new FC board to replace the guts of a pirelli or C139? Come to that, the case does not need to be that of a model which originally used the calypso chip, any model commonly available second hand with fairly decent plastic ware.

I'm quite happy to be told this idea makes no sense or even it's too daft to worth consideration and comment, but since it came to me, I thought I should mention it :-) If the need to produce a handset case is taken out of the equation, does that bring the dream any closer to true life?

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