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Tue Jun 2 21:40:18 UTC 2020


I had a working C139 that was stolen, but after I took a flash dump. I got a replacement - good hardware, almost unused, but locked to a specific carrier.

Now I used these fc-loadtool commands to put the flash from the old stolen model onto the new phone:-

flash erase-program-boot my_c139.bin 10000
flash erase 10000 360000
flash program-bin 10000 my_c139.bin 10000 360000

Great! I've got rid of the boot up carrier branding and the demand for an unlock code.

But, to my surprise the IMEI has not changed - ie it's the same as before the flash operation, whereas I expected it would now have the IMEI of the stolen phone.

So question - will I have the correct calibration figures for this hardware - ie will those figures, like the IMEI, also have remained unchanged? I saw that with a SIM card, the phone connects to the network after a short delay, much as I would expect.

Guessing not, as we pull those figures out of the flash dump. Is the phone likely to behave badly with this "wrong" flash? I saw that the software versions (from #02#) are identical but I guess that is beside the point.

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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