Perfect module (D751749ZHH)

Serg l serg at
Wed May 29 01:55:40 UTC 2019

Seems like nice module, I see that it has at least 3 variants A/B/C, could
not find a good document in English what is the difference.
Also seems like it has dual band SAW filters installed in B version, so
additional components need to be installed in order to make it tri-band and
following the re-calibration process executed.

I found one on eBay sitting on a Dev board, it is dual-band, so I will need
to find a tri-band variant of the module, unless our new friend has a bunch
of them readily available.

On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 4:28 PM Mychaela Falconia <
mychaela.falconia at> wrote:

> Hi again Songbosi,
> Thanks for the documentation - that GTM900-B module does look
> interesting.  Given that you've got OsmocomBB running on it, you must
> have already done a fair bit of reverse engineering on this module in
> order to get that far, so I hope you don't mind if I ask you to share
> some of your technical findings.  Let us start with a few basics:
> 1) Does this module have the Calypso boot ROM enabled via nIBOOT pin
> strapping?  In other words, is it possible to gain code download
> access via tools like fc-loadtool or osmocon, or is JTAG the only way?
> 2) How are various GPIO and RF control signals wired?  Which TSPEN
> signal goes to the Rita transceiver (TSPEN2 like on most Calypso
> designs, or TSPEN1 like on the Pirelli DP-L10, or other?) and which
> TSPACT signal controls what?
> You also wrote on the OsmocomBB mailing list:
> > I have about 500 pcs left, I could sell them with $15/pcs
> Your price is very reasonable and I may be interested in a few to play
> with, but do you have any kind of breakout board for easy
> experimentation with these modules?
> M~
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