FreeCalypso hardware update

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Fri Nov 30 04:32:51 UTC 2018

Hello FC community,

Just a quick update on our hardware: earlier this week I received the
PCB panels for FCDEV3B V2 from the Chinese fab, and now I need to
pass them on to Technotronix (our board assembly shop) along with all
of the needed parts.  When I go home this weekend I will need to dig
through all of the various boxes that hold various components, gather
into one box all of the parts that will be needed for assembling the
first batch of FCDEV3B V2 boards, and then schedule a date with
Technotronix when I can go up to Anaheim and bring the PCBs and the
parts to them.  I am hoping to deliver the PCBs and the parts to
Technotronix some time in the next week or two, i.e., before the
Northern hemisphere winter holidays, but I don't know whether or not
they will be able to do the actual assembly before the winter holiday
break - thus my target for having our first fully assembled boards is
still January, unchanged from earlier estimates.

Hasta la Victoria, Siempre,
Mychaela aka The Mother

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