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Sat Aug 4 20:21:10 UTC 2018


>I personally still prefer the U-Boot method (going through NOR U-Boot
>on GTA02 or NAND U-Boot on GTA01 devices for Calypso flashing
>operations), as it is *completely* independent of whatever distro or
>other software the user prefers to use for regular operation, but if
>the QtMoko-based way works for you, use whatever works. :)

I agree that a method independent of AP software sounds best, although I don't understand how and can't work out to do it. In any case since I personally have two methods to choose from (loadtool on PC and on the qtmoko install), I'm content with things as they stand.

>However, in your step 3 above, you should write 1 into the download
>"file" first and then write 1 into the power_on "file" in this order:
>this way the IrDA UART to headset jack channel will be solidly
>connected when the Calypso boot path is executed.

By happy chance, the script I use for this step does things in that order :-)

>> Finally a query about those host tools - I'm not sure which if any are
>> expected to work with non freecalypso hardware.

Ah I get it now - unlike the  C139, the freerunner hardware expects the baseband to be controlled via the AP so those user-phone-tools are not applicable to an end user. I knocked out a 100 lines of bash to automate grabbing the sms messages from qtmoko via scp and producing pretty print, conversation based html files for display on the PC. Now if I can just work out how to poke qtmoko's sms client with a sms typed on the PC's keyboard .....

Thanks for your efforts - it's a very nice feel good to have a usable phone running blob free code.

David Matthews
david at

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