FCDEV3B status update

Das Signal das.signal at freecalypso.org
Mon Oct 9 11:47:09 UTC 2017

hi Mychaela,

> * The sleep mode bug is still there, but it is hidden from the user by
>   both Citrine and Magnetite firmwares being built with DISABLE_SLEEP=1.
>   Given that these are development boards, they will almost always be
>   powered from a supply that ultimately comes from AC mains power,
>   rather than a battery, hence it is very unlikely that having sleep
>   modes disabled will have any practical negative impact on any users,
>   but from my perspective as the Mother, I need to get to the bottom
>   of this sleep mode bug before we can use the FCDEV3B design as a
>   basis for further FreeCalypso hardware product designs.

Is it possible that the OpenMoko PCB design files, or Leonardo schematics
for the modem board you based FCDEV3B on were not the very latest? I'm
thinking that perhaps OpenMoko or TI's Leonardo had a hardware defect and
a more recent version of the design were to fix this problem.

In this case a new batch with RoHS balls or a different flash+pSRAM
chip would most likely not fix the problem. However one could try to reverse
a GTA02 board to spot differences between it and FCDEV3B, and perhaps try
to perform small modifications on an FCDEV3B to see if it improves things.
I would be glad to help with such a project, unfortunately my knowledge
of electronics is likely way too basic for this.


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