Creating GSM Users Association (GSMUA)

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michela are you kidding ( dont worrry iam a kid at twentees)

calypso bb starts from leaked Docs ( if not sorry )
so why qcom code leak is ugly

   osmocom is for open softwear  not for any specific hardware

   keeping updated with mainstream hardware is the way
   so we may have to throw old one ( realy i never bcos i love it like
my pet .old is Gold for me )
    but in concept its the way ( hope you understand it )

greetings for your GSMUA . iam sure and will there for any help.
i hope they will host your project.
its happy to know your the mother of freecalypso.
in softwear world you maybe first mom :)

     and i here for osmocom on qcom  ==

    if you mind helping me just put your hands on qcom leaked code
    i stucked at understanding code.
    still now i cant find where tmsi like layer3 things handling in
qcom modem proc leaked code

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