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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Fri Aug 18 23:12:21 UTC 2017

Hello Openmoko and FreeCalypso communities,

I am doing a survey of Openmoko device users to see what portions of
Openmoko's IMEI number range (TAC 35465101, a range of 1 million
possible numbers) have been used to number the 15 thousand or so
devices that have been made, and what portions are unused.  Given that
fewer than 20 thousand units have been made out of the range of
1 million IMEI numbers, simple logic says that at least 980000 numbers
out of Openmoko's IMEI range must be still unused, and thus potentially
usable for new production of GTA02 verbatim clones and/or FCDEV3B
boards which are just the modem part of the GTA02.  But I need to make
my very best effort to determine WHICH portions of Om's IMEI range
have already been used, so I use a different subrange for new device

Unfortunately it appears that no official factory records of IMEI
assignments have survived the demise of Openmoko-Inc (I tried asking
Sean M-P several times by email, but never heard anything back), hence
I am making my best effort to reconstruct this lost knowledge by way
of a community survey.

To everyone reading this solicitation who owns an Openmoko device: I
would love to hear from you if your device falls into one of the
following 3 cases:

1: If you have a GTA01 (I have never seen one with my own eyes) as
   opposed to the more common GTA02, I would love to hear if the first
   8 digits of its IMEI are 35465101 (same as GTA02) or something

2: If you have a GTA02 hardware variant with "US" bands, i.e.,
   850/1800/1900 MHz (FCC ID EUNGTA02), as opposed to the much more
   common "EU" variant (900/1800/1900 MHz, FCC ID EUNGTA02E), same
   request as above: I would like to know if the first 8 digits of the
   IMEI are 35465101 or something different.  Like with the GTA01, I
   have never seen a "US" FreeRunner with my own eyes.

3: All Openmoko devices, whether GTA01 or GTA02, "EU" or "US": if the
   first 8 digits of your IMEI are 35465101, but the following two
   digits are something other than 16 or 96, I would like to know what
   those two digits are.

The two digits after the 35465101 TAC prefix are the first 2 digits of
the 6-digit SNR (serial number) field, and it is the usage of this SNR
space that I am after.  So far the only Openmoko devices I have laid
my hands on have been GTA02 "EU" version units, their TAC has always
been 35465101, and the SNR field has always been either 16xxxx on
older units or 96xxxx on newer ones.  However, if there have been
Openmoko devices made with something other than 16xxxx or 96xxxx in
the SNR field of the IMEI, I would really like to know about them so I
can avoid stepping on those subranges and pick a subrange that has not
been used at all.

TIA for your participation in the survey,

Mychaela Falconia
Mother of FreeCalypso

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