FreeCalypso RF calibration revisited

Das Signal das.signal at
Fri Aug 18 15:16:18 UTC 2017

Hi Mychaela,

Thank you for this update, and for sharing the calibration tools with
the community.

I have a question regarding the RF power readings: is it possible that
a 0.5 dB difference would not be a problem, that is, provide calibration
values still within spec? I was looking at the following TS

In section 4 (Transmitter characteristics) / 4.1 (Output power) /
4.1.1 (Mobile station) a table lists the tolerance in dB which is 2 dB
in normal conditions and 2.5 db in extreme conditions for the maximum
power level. Then tolerance goes up, to 5 dB (normal) / 5 dB (extreme)
for the minimum power level (19, 5 dBm for GSM900 / 15, 0 dBm for 1800).


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