moko13-beta1 firmware release candidate

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Tue Aug 8 17:57:46 UTC 2017

Hi Serg!

> Just wondering, did you have a chance to run "make -j 2" for Magentite
> builds? It runs way faster than linear make, keeping Wine environment from
> dying after each source file. I ran MD5 checksum on the resulting binary
> and it was different than produced in the linear build, but I didn't dig
> into specifics.

I am not too comfortable with the idea of make -j 2, but I found a
different way to work around the Wine environment restart problem: if
I manually run wineserver -f -p in another terminal window and leave
it running, the Magnetite build runs much faster indeed: the hybrid
build finished in under 20 min for me instead of the 90 min it takes
otherwise.  The only quirk is that the first time I run any make in
the Magnetite environment after starting wineserver -f -p, it hangs
waiting for something on the first source file, but if I stop it with
^C and rerun it, everything runs smoothly (and very fast), and keeps
running smoothly for as long as that manually-started wineserver stays

This speed-up is a vital aid to our project: while the goal is FC
Selenite fw built with gcc, the road toward that goal has to pass
through FC Magnetite hybrid, and the insanely long build times were
the biggest problem with the latter - but it looks like we have a
solution now.


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