FCDEV3B bring-up status

Das Signal das.signal at freecalypso.org
Mon Apr 10 08:18:18 UTC 2017

On Sat, Apr 08, 2017 at 12:45:24AM -0800, Mychaela Falconia wrote:

>    Doing per-unit calibration on production lines requires time and
>    special equipment, i.e., money.  I figure that the mainstream
>    manufacturers would not be doing such per-unit calibration if it
>    could be avoided, hence there must be some good reason for doing
>    this calibration.  But if so, then how is OsmocomBB able to get
>    away with having no calibration provisions at all?

Hi Mychaela,

This is a wild guess, but perhaps OsmocomBB uses median values that do
work in the general case, perhaps thanks to the fact that base stations
allow some room for error? I'm no expert on OsmocomBB so I could be
completely wrong.

Anyway I'm super happy to learn nothing is wrong with the RF front-end,
and I'm sure the flash bug can be solved eventually! Congratulations :-)


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