Realistic plan for our own FreeCalypso phone

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that's really neat - apart from it looks like the antenna will cause serious portability issues. If it's technically possible to mount it along the side and strap it securely to the case, I'd be seriously interested - if it ran freecalypso that is :-)

a few years ago when the openmoko list was getting excited about the gta-04, the guy who did all the work on qtmoko also produced a wooden case for this. And btw, I don't want to make enemies of these people (who are now the tinker phone set?) any more than I do the osmocombb people.

>Does it make more sense now?

I don't think that freecalypso has ever not made sense. It's not that hard to imagine a parallel universe in which technologies such as desktop linux and freebsd are illegal, underground efforts used by "terrorists" only and all windows users logon into state/ms provided and monitored accounts.

And conversely another parallel universe in which there are many users of free (as in RMS freedom) after market cellphone baseband firmware, which has similar availability to the stuff we're lucky enough to be able to run on our PCs and laptops. It just seems like a matter of timing and "historical accident" - whether the good guys or the control freaks get on the boat first.

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