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Tue Oct 25 10:13:06 UTC 2016

>So now you know what I mean when I keep saying that the current state
>of the handset functionality code we've got from TI is unusable. :)

Not for one moment have I ever doubted you on technical based decisions :-)

>Yes, this is one of the UI bugs I noticed right away too: the time
>display is there on boot, but then it disappears and never comes back.

exactly so

>> So for now, I'm going back to the pirelli, which as M has said, is
>> indeed a superior piece of hardware compared to the c139.

> But of course it would be a very non-trivial project..
>Barring such MB replacement, I really don't see how a device that is
>full of mysterious, undocumented and non-understood chips can ever
>qualify as libre no matter what the firmware...

sigh! personally if the firmware just ignored the camera and wlan stuff I'd be happy, but I don't doubt what you say, both about the replacement mboard route and using the hardware as is

>Hmm.  I have plenty of my own personal annoyances with Pirelli's fw,
>but the issues you are complaining about are not among them.

hehe - I'm old and getting short sighted

>the home screen, that one does make little use of the screen RE, so I
>suppose the text could be made bigger there indeed.

yeah that's where my problem is; I usually don't remember to take reading glasses with me and the home screen is almost impossible to read without them. I agree that other parts of the UI are not unpleasing

>Keyguard: what is idiotic about it?  If we had the power to change the
>workings of this mechanism to taste through fw source, how would you
>wish to change it?

Well if I wiggle my arse just wrong, at least the phone in pocket is not gonna call someone, but it will switch on the screen very easily, wasting battery. The way the c139 does it is better, needing presses on two different keys to wake up the screen

>I've also been doing some work on ringtones - I'll post an explanation
>a little later, it's bedtime for me now.

For me that's another issue - the Pirelli excels here, but the c139 (at least the models I have) are so quiet I often don't hear a incoming call.

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