latest c139 build

david at david at
Tue Oct 25 05:37:25 UTC 2016

>Yes, the new image is a little bigger (the FC Magnetite firmware build
>system does not use str2ind by default), so you need to erase one more
>flash sector:
>flash erase 10000 2A0000

just as I thought, coz I've never known any freecalypso software to do anything other than just work :-)

sadly a quick look at shows that even my low standards of usability are not quite met. Indeed the display now switches off, but when it's on the fairly garbled screen does not show the time. As a very light call and text user, a watch substitute is quite important to me.

So for now, I'm going back to the pirelli, which as M has said, is indeed a superior piece of hardware compared to the c139. It's software faults are hugely annoying though - comparatively large screen real estate, yet the text is so small I can't easily read it and the idiotic locking mechanism, where although you cannot mistakenly make a call from your pocket, the screen nevertheless constantly switches on and wastes battery.

Finally although I will do a howto update can my ssh key be removed from the freecalypso server. The laptop I have been using has been snatched from my possession. There's no immediate real danger as the people involved are tech nowheres and will probably do no more than failing at putting back on a windblows OS - but just in case.

Will send a new key shortly

David Matthews
david at

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