C139 UI demo build

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 19:13:02 UTC 2016

Hello again folks,

On the subject of our currently available demo-only, not practically
usable UI-enabled handset fw build for the Mot C139 (the one first
produced just under a year ago), I recall David saying back then that
he would be willing to live with a firmware that has completely broken
UI that crashes on certain most basic operations and no battery
management (using another C139 or other C1xx phone to charge batteries),
and the only fix he really needed was having the LCD backlight turn off
when the phone is idle.

Well, when I integrated that tcs211-c139 work into my new Magnetite fw
project that seeks to unify all of our previous TCS211-based works and
hacks in one source tree, one of the small nits I did fix was this LCD
backlight control: instead of permanently enabling the C139 LCD
backlight on boot in armio.c, I made the code in the "Condat drivers"
layer turn it on and off at the same time as the LED-B backlight, which
is the keypad backlight on the C139 - but on TI's own dev kits it was
the main LCD backlight instead.

So I have just posted the binary build made from the current FC
Magnetite source in the c139 2092 configuration:


I personally consider it to be just as unusable as the ones from 2015-11
because (a) the UI crashes or fails to display essential info on the
LCD with certain most basic operations and (b) not only is battery
charging not working, but there is not even a battery gauge, i.e., no
way to tell if your battery is full or almost empty.  However, the LCD
backlight does turn off now - so enjoy, if you are into that sort of

However, there will be no further development on this branch until we
have better hardware for UI and handset misc functionality development
as explained in my previous post.

Happy hacking,

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