Another FreeCalypso update

Das Signal das.signal at
Wed Oct 19 06:50:50 UTC 2016

Hello Mychaela,

What you've just achieved is very very cool! That means that the GTA02
and possibly other targets (C139?) can be used without source code blobs
for voice and SMS calls, which is excellent :-) And since the firmware
has a full GSM stack, that means the phone will be completely usable in
the real world, with handovers, proper power control, and so forth.

To me GPRS is also very useful for purposes such as checking email on
a regular basis. I have no idea though of the difficulty of deblobbing
this part ; to my understanding, the "packet" side is a completely
different part that has not much in common with the "circuit" side
apart from the interfaces to L1. It seems to me though that your new
approach of translating known working binaries to source code will
probably the most efficient for reducing the number of bugs like the
AMR bug you just fixed.

Anyway congratulations again, I'm very glad to see the project advance
towards a fully liberated phone!


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