FreeCalypso update: progress with DSP patches and voice calls

Das Signal das.signal at
Sat Apr 9 14:06:36 CET 2016


After more testing, it seems (apart from the AMR bug and the deep sleep
bug) that leo2moko sets up a kind of filtering for the audio itself -
when using it, the audio is quite clear, however when using gsm-fw I get
this background noise that seems to come from nearby interference, such
as GSM bursts or the serial output. It's entirely possible that once the
AMR bug is fixed, this audio filtering issue will go away as well.

About developing environments, I've finally settled on Visual Studio.
Although I don't generally like using proprietary tools, in this case
I could not find a suitable open-source alternative. Of course this is
just for browsing the source, building and flashing is still done on


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