Firmware debug: handover to the community

david at david at
Mon Jun 8 17:18:24 CEST 2015

Just in case this is relevant:-

>Thus we know that deep sleep is not the only problem we've got on our
hands, i.e., our fw is broken even without it. This is the point at
which I would like to hand this debug chase over to other community
members, and let DS and others get a taste for what GSM fw debugging
is like. :) 

Are you guys aware that there was a deep sleep hardware problem on the freerunner? 

I'm not sure this is accurate, but AFAIK the problem was (supposedly) fixed in later versions of the hardware. I say supposedly, coz there was a software test to check the status of your handset; mine passed the test, but performed less reliably if I enabled deep sleep in QtMoko config.

If this may be to the point, do you want me to try and find the documentation of this issue?

David Matthews
david at

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